The impressive track record set by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems hundreds of delivered warships and submarines necessitates innovation at benchmarking standards butted to the goal to attain highest levels of customer satisfaction. As a reliable partner, they provide the fully array of services for entire vessel life cycles and beyond.

Increased budgetary pressures, extended life spans, the maintenance of sophisticated equipment as well as the implementation of new technologies pose complex challenges for which ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems furnishes customers with tailor-made solutions.

Long-standing experience and accured know-how ensure service proficiency - whether it be for the procurement of spare parts, engineering advice, surveys, or for setting up a midlife modernisation programme. ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems provides comprehensive suppport - in time, on budget, worldwide.

Furthermore, it offers the unique expertise for infrastructure related services required to operate own maintenance sites, facilities, procedures, machines and tools.