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Naval Electronic Systems

German roots & a global footprint.

The know-how and expertise in the fields of hydroacoustics, sensor engineering and information technology from our business unit ATLAS ELEKTRONIK contemplate our experience and expertise in naval shipbuilding in perfect addition to each other. The high-level know-how in naval electronic systems from ATLAS ELEKTRONIK makes them the top supplier of numerous navies and civilian customers worldwide.

The diverse product portfolio ranges from sonars and sensors, command and control systems for submarines and surface vessels, mine countermeasure systems, unmanned underwater vehicles and radio and communication systems.

Providing clarity – above and below the water

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK equips submarines and surface combatants with sensor packages as well as integrated command and weapon control systems. Anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures and mine hunting also belong to the core competencies. Furthermore they have a command of the integration of existing systems into complex networks, together with the associated communication techniques including encryption technologies. A company-owned test lake, large measurement tanks as well as testing stands for mechanical, electromagnetic and climatic load tests are all part of our comprehensive facilities.

Constant improvement of naval electronics systems

Together thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK are constantly striving for better programmable and remotely controllable systems that perform tasks with precision and reliability.

We are the only systems supplier in Germany to offer high-tech solutions for the future.

Dr. Rolf Wirtz, CEO thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

Our Naval Electronic Systems Portfolio by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK:

Naval Electronic Systems

Communication Systems

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s communication and tactical data link systems can be found on various combatants and submarines of the Federal German Navy and many other navies worldwide.

Anti-Submarine Systems

Anti-Submarine Systems detect threads from submarines and ensure fending-off attacks and threats – such as torpedoes.

Naval Weapons

In the case of combat and defense torpedoes are for instance still the most common and reliable weapon für submarines.

Surface Vessel Systems

Naval electronics for surface combatants are especially important when it comes to the increasing demand and requirements for maritime transport as well as the current security requirements for surface vessels worldwide. Surface vessel systems help task completion and enhance security at sea.

Maritime Security Systems

Security and monitoring of harbours and coastlines is made possible by state-of-the-art maritime security systems.

ATLAS Services

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s services guarantee the best maintenance & repair for the high-tech naval electronics systems – ensuring  a long lifespan of the products to full customer satisfaction.

Unmanned Naval Systems

Unmanned naval systems allow for research and reconnaissance work at a deep sea level for a longer period of time than manned naval systems – delivering more data and information.

Submarine Systems

Submarines are an integral part of maritime security policy. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s submarine systems are powerful instruments for the defense against conventional as well as special conflict scenarios underwater.

Mine Warfare Systems

Mine warfare systems allow for the detection and elimination of mines whilst offering a low risk for the crew and the ship – ensuring safe travels at sea.