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Grundsatzerklärung zur Einhaltung menschenrechtlicher und umweltbezogener Sorgfaltspflichten


German Chancellor and Singaporean Prime Minister at double launching of submarines for the Republic of Singapore

Two state-of-the-art submarines for the Republic of Singapore were launched in a festive ceremony at the thyssenkrupp Marine Systems shipyard in Kiel on December 13, 2022. Among the 350 guests invited to the event were German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Minister for Defence Dr. Ng Eng Hen and other high-ranking representatives of Germany and Singapore. Lady Sponsor of both vessels was Ms. Ho Ching, wife of the Prime Minister. At the push of a button, she launched both boats simultaneously, giving them the sonorous names “Impeccable” and “Illustrious”.

"We can be proud that German companies like thyssenkrupp Marine Systems are leaders in the construction of submarines," Chancellor Scholz explained in his speech. "Each of these submarines ... is a one-off with a lot of manual work and maximum precision. That is a clear signal. ... And I am therefore also extremely pleased that thyssenkrupp Marine Systems will expand its production in Germany and will also start production at the Wismar site from 2024."

Prime Minister Lee stated: “Our collaboration on this strategie capability underscores the depth of partnership and the trust between our navies and our defence industries. I am confident that the relationship between Germany and Singapore will grow from strength to strength, and I look forward to more meaningful interactions between our militaries.”

“The partnership with Singapore is of strategic importance for Germany and thyssenkrupp,” said CEO Oliver Burkhard. “The boats launched today belong to a new, state-of-the-art generation of submarines that is truly unrivalled in the world. The technologies being applied are world-leading. This is also only possible thanks to the long-standing, trusting and successful cooperation with the Republic of Singapore.”

The “Impeccable” and the “Illustrious” are the second and third boats in a series of four Type 218SG submarines ordered by the Republic of Singapore Navy. They are among the most modern diesel-electric submarines in the world and feature numerous customized solutions and new technologies. They are designed with a low acoustic signature. The external air-independent propulsion system allows the boats to remain under water for a longer duration. With a length of approximately 70 meters and a displacement of around 2,000 tons, they are currently the largest submarines ever built at Marine Systems. Once further intensive trials have been conducted, the “Impeccable” and the “Illustrious” will be handed over from 2023 onwards.

Following the double naming ceremony, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Singapore-based ST Engineering signed a teaming agreement. It formalizes and strengthens the long-term cooperation between the two companies. The agreement covers both warranty services as well as in-service support for the four Invincible-class submarines, ensuring that they are well maintained in Singapore during their operational lifetimes.


Pressemitteilung: Dr. Alejandro Orellano

Der Aufsichtsrat der thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH hat in seiner heutigen Sitzung bedauernd zur Kenntnis genommen, dass Dr. Luis Alejandro Orellano sein Mandat als Mitglied der Geschäftsführung und Chief Operating Officer (COO) zum Ablauf des 31.01.2023 niedergelegt hat und thyssenkrupp Marine Systems verlassen wird.

Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender Dr. Klaus Keysberg: „Als Chief Operating Officer hat Dr. Luis Alejandro Orellano ein Umdenken in der Art und Weise, wie bei thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Projekte erfolgreich umgesetzt werden, angestoßen und maßgeblich vorangebracht. Die Einführung von moderner Infrastruktur, Prozessen und Tools für unsere Wertschöpfung geht ganz entscheidend auf seine Initiative zurück. Wir danken Dr. Orellano für die geleistete Arbeit in unserem Unternehmen.“

Dr. Alejandro Orellano ist seit 2018 für thyssenkrupp Marine Systems tätig gewesen. Über die Nachbesetzung wird der Aufsichtsrat zu gegebener Zeit entscheiden.

Safety first! Because we care.

When it comes to the safety of our employees, we don't joke around. At thyssenkrupp Marine Systems all colleagues should be safe. David Mißfelder, Head of Occupational Safety and Health at our Kiel shipyard told us how his team meets this challenge.

Submarine components from 3D printers go into series production

Industrial parts from state-of-the-art 3D printers have decisive advantages over conventionally produced components. That's why our naval experts at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems are working at full speed to make 3D-printed components cost-effective for submarine construction. The necessary quality and safety standards have already been set. With the acquisition of the Group's Additive Manufacturing TechCenter, we are right on course on our journey to become the most modern naval company in Europe – and to series production of 3D printed submarine components.

A great kick-off for our new platform

"Technology Conventions 2020“ in Kiel this week! With naval specialists from #MarineSystems and selected suppliers, the first technology discussion focused on REP-floors - standardized floor plates for #submarines and #surfacevessels. Insights from #Engineering and Supply Chain Management as well as field reports from our #SeaTrial team laid the foundation for the joint workshops sharing the latest functional and strategic trends in the marine systems industry. We are looking forward to the next "Technology Conventions“ this summer for more exciting dialogues on #innovation, #digitalization and marine technology. Attendance by invitation only. To participate, please reach out to our colleagues at

Fascination deep sea: Autonomous submarines tap previously unexplored seabed

On our way to become the most modern #naval company in Europe, we think beyond known waters. With #SeaCat our engineeres set out to explore the world's sea beds – a mystery to mankind. The unmanned #submarine, uses underwater mapping and footage to provide new insights into the mysterious world #underwater.

A new standard for unmanned underwater operations:

The Modifiable Underwater Mothership (MUM). Today, we proudly presented the results of a pioneering research project on large modular underwater vehicles. Designed in collaboration with project partners from science and industry, MUM could now permanently change the way #underwater research is conducted. The high-tech asset for the civil #maritimeindustry is powered by a state-of-the-art, emission-free fuel cell. Independent of wind and weather, MUM can operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Norbert Brackmann, German government coordinator for the maritime industry, visited our shipyard in Kiel to experience the project progress and the technological innovations developed by our maritime experts. To further the research, we will now apply for funding for a MUM large-scale demonstrator as part of the Economic Ministry’s Maritime Research Programme.

Today, Germany's most modern

#frigate was put into service and officially commissioned: The F125 "Nordrhein-Westfalen“. The ship is the second of a total of four frigates which are available to the #GermanNavy. Their strength lies not only in fulfilling the traditional tasks of national and alliance defence, but also in their design for conflict prevention and crisis management as well as intervention and stabilization operations on an international scale. We look forward to the handing over of the third and fourth ships which are planned to take place successively until 2021. #BadenWürttembergKlasse

On today’s #IntellectualPropertyDay,

we are celebrating 125 years of patent history at @thyssenkrupp. Every year, thyssenkrupp developers file #patents for about 600 new #inventions worldwide. On our way to become the most modern naval company in Europe, we at @thyssenkrupp Marine Systems are working on new innovations every day. For example, when developing an underwater vehicle that prevents unnecessary by-catch and saves the ecology of oceans around the world:

ADLiS® - The New Dimension in Network-based Operations. For all Nations.

It's simply a tactical decision. #ADLiS® is the #data link system from our experts at #AtlasElektronik. It opens up new dimensions in network-based operations by combining all information at the highest speed and enabling the #tactical situation to be recorded. It links people, platforms, sensors and weapons. This greatly increases the command speed and the combat strength of the entire unit.