Digital Signature

Advanced electronic signature

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems allows secure digital communication by means of the advanced electronic signature. Nowadays, electronic signatures in documents often replace manual signatures on paper and greatly facilitate digital work. They also ensure the integrity of documents and make it possible for the signatory to be identified by means of digital certificates.

For this purpose, we operate our own public key infrastructures (PKIs), which have been set up using current technologies and standards. Our established processes safeguard the validity of our electronic signatures.

Root certificates and certificate revocation list

Root certificates

All certificates used for the electronic signatures are derived from our root certificates. A comparison of the so-called “fingerprint” is used to verify authenticity. Only if the fingerprint of the root certificate received is identical to the one listed here can you assume authenticity:

Root CA of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems:
Fingerprint: cd560d5dacc5c529048c10d9b1f584e0016144d9

Issuing CA of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems:
Fingerprint: e9d4a3bd6f66223cd7f3726e3d2a7e6f0c1330aa

To establish a consistent chain of trust, the root and issuing CA certificates must be installed on the end device. Signatures can only be successfully validated if the entire certificate chain is trust-worthy.

Certificate revocation list

In order to prevent the misuse of certificates, it may be necessary to disable certificates of our employees. In order to maintain the current status of a certificate, a certificate revocation list (CRL) is created and published daily. You can find the current revocation list here:

CRL of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems: