ViSTIS® – land-based, holistic, virtual.

ViSTIS® on the one hand is the generic brand of the whole portfolio of combined, immersive training modules and holistic training programs up to the offer of a complete naval operations and training center, on the other hand ViSTIS® describes the core product or the base of the digital training solutions:

"The virtual ship as a training platform".

All our training solutions allows the customer to validate theoretical knowledge in a realistic, interactive environment through action-orientated (motivating and activating) learning, without any need of a real manned ship or submarine.

ViSTIS® stands for an interactive training platform with digital twin for modular training solutions that enables individual and team training without the need of a physical ship. In addition to optimized ship and crew readiness, significant cost and time savings (on average >30%),

ViSTIS® increases the efficiency, effectiveness, quality and safety of crew training by taking advantage of the latest digital technologies for
experimental, hands-on learning.
We provide smart, holistic and innovative training solutions nearly independent from the real vessel or submarine.

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