HDW Class Dolphin AIP

 HDW Class Dolphin AIP submarine sets standards in customized boat design and production.

Based on the advanced parameters of its predecessors, the HDW Class Dolphin AIP is developed in close cooperation with a customer navy to precisely meet their operational requirements. The integrated air-independent propulsion (AIP) system based on the HDW fuel cell delivers a significantly higher submerged endurance performance. The state-of-the-art combat system features a weapon expulsion system that enables torpedoes, missiles and mines to be launched from the weapon tube. Another outstanding feature of this class of submarine is the high degree of automation in the controls of the propulsion plant, navigation systems and overall boat handling.

Technical Data

Length over all ~ 68.6 m
Pressure hull diameter ~ 6.7 m
Surface displacement ~ 2,050 t
Crew 35
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