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HDW Class 209/1400mod Submarine

Initially based on the design philosophy of the coastal post-war submarines of the German Navy, the diesel-electrically powered HDW Class 209 has become the backbone of our successful partnership with navies all around the world.

Due to the various requirements and different areas of operation specified by our naval customers, the size of the submarine increased from the original 1,000 t displacement in some cases by as much as 50%. Due to mission profiles also comprising blue water theaters, the additional displacement was needed to increase range and diving depth, to enhance electronic equipment and improve living conditions on board.

The impressive result has been the emergence of the ”HDW Class 209 submarine family” comprising 60+ family members in over a dozen navies – the top-selling non-nuclear submarine in the Western World. Today, the most recent version – HDW Class 209/1400mod – features state-of-the art technology. This class of boats has benefitted from a continuous development process since the very first contract signatature.

Thanks to the large number of orders that followed each other in an almost annual sequence, every new boat has drawn from R&D accrued on predecessors. Tested and proven advancements have found their way into succeeding projects without any delay. Thus, our HDW Class 209/1400mod can be classified as a compact submarine featuring reliable technology, high combat strength, long submerged range, high submerged speeds, low signatures and excellent handling characteristics.

HDW Class 209 features:

  • Universal deployment capability.

  • Low signatures.

  • Flexible weapon payloads for a mix of torpedoes, missiles and mines.

  • Advanced sonar cpabilities for low-frequency detection (flank array sonar).

  • Integrated Weapon Command and Control System.

The impressive HDW Class 209/1400mod submarines cover a big variety of mission profiles including sea denial, sea control, surveillance and information gathering as well as special operation tasks.

HDW Class 209/1400mod - Technical Data:

Length over all (approx.)62 m
Pressure hull diameter (approx.)6.2 m
Surface displacement (approx.)1,450 t
Height incl. sail (approx.)12.5 m
Weapon tubes8