HDW Class 212A

The submarines of the first and second batches of HDW Class 212A can rightly be called "the peak of German submarine technology".

In line with the German basic design concept, this non-nuclear but air-independent submarine remains compact, with a high payload in the field of sensors, communication equipment, weapon control systems and weapons. Extreme attention has been paid to efficiency and energy management on board. The combination of these factors with the non-magnetic construction and acoustically optimised equipment resulted in submarines that are nearly impossible to detect.

The low indiscretion rate is mainly ensured by the hybrid propulsion plant consisting of:

  • a fuel cell system for air-independent propulsion enabling the boat to spend long periods of time submerged
  • a diesel generator set and high-power battery.

Other particular features include:

  • PERMASYN® motor
  • Integrated Weapon Command and Control System
  • Flank array (1st batch) and towed array sonar
  • Low crew complement thanks to high degree of automation
  • "Undisturbed" Combat Information Centre (CIC) achieved by the two deck configuration
  • Weapon tubes with water pressure discharge system.

Due to changing mission profiles and continuous advances in technology, a number of modifications have been made with regard to the second batch of HDW Class 212A. These changes cover:

  • Incorporation of a communications system suitable for use in Network Centric Warfare scenarios
  • Installation of the integrated German Sonar and Command Weapon and Control System
  • Substitution of the flank array with a superficial lateral antenna
  • Replacement of one periscope by an optronic mast
  • Integration of a diver lock-out system
  • Tropical readiness of the boats.

The boats of HDW Class 212A excel with their capability to operate from deep submerged positions far offshore or in extremely shallow waters. They fully meet modern demands with regard to new mission profiles. 

Technical Data


1st Batch


2nd Batch


~ 56 m


~ 57 m 

Pressure hull ø

~ 7 m


~ 7 m 

Surface displ. ~ 1,450 t   ~ 1,500 t
Hight incl. sail ~ 11.5 m   ~ 11.5 m
Weapon tubes 6   6
Crew 28   28