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Autonomous disposal of ordnance at sea

The seabed of the North and Baltic Seas is littered with 1.6 million tons of chemical and conventional ordnance which is slowly eaten away by rust. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems developed an autonomous and safe solution.

CAPTN-Energy- thyssenkrupp Marine Systems drives green marine technology forward

Climate protection is the topic of our time. At thyssenkrupp Marine Systems we want to make the maritime sector greener. Together with our project partners we are researching the use of fuel cells in civil shipbuilding in the CAPTN-Energy project.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK SEA Class – Delivering an Innovative, Flexible, Cost-effective Solution to the UK MOD

Atlas Elektronik UK (AEUK) have developed a range of workboats which feature a common base platform with interchangeable capability modules, allowing the boats to be operated in a number of different operational roles.

A deep dive into the sonar system

Sonar solutions are at the heart of research and development at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s Sonar Center – because without sonar technology the efficient location, identification, classification, and display of underwater objects would not be possible.

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems – 180 years of innovation

Marine Systems looks back on 180 years of history. Find out how our company has always invested in innovation to maintain its’ competitive edge – backed by over a century’s worth of experience and expertise.

A-LAB – a space for innovation, growth, and mentorship

To foster and challenge young tech-savvy talent among university students, our colleagues at ALTAS ELEKTRONIK have built a special space within the company: A-LAB. We talked to Dr. Julien Hansen, Technological Manager for Autonomy and AI at ALTAS ELEKTRONIK, about what A-LAB stands for and how both, employees and students, thrive because of it.

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