Ensuring sustained operational benefits

Built for intensive service lives in excess of 35 years in sustained rough weather as well as for stealthy endurance, mobility and survivability in blue-water operations; equipped with innovative propulsion systems and helicopter capability; designed with configuration and mission modularity: our warships have qualities that will bring you lasting benefits.

Evolution of excellence and adaptability - the MEKO® family of ships

Thus, since 1982, we have engineered a stable of MEKO® frigates and corvettes that form the fleet workhorses of their 13 user navies, including 7 NATO and ANZUS navies. All told 78 ships in 11 classes and 7 sub-classes supplied and building today. This proud pedigree stands on its own, but does not stand still.

Above all, MEKO® technology stands for adaptability, allowing MEKO® customer navies the flexibility to prioritize the initial capabilities of their ships to budget, but also to quickly and easily re-configure and upgrade them to meet operational and logistic needs across their 35-year-plus service lives.



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