HDW Class 214 – beyond boundaries

Take the design principles of the HDW Class 209 family, add innovative features from the HDW Class 212A, and you get the HDW Class 214, a matchless submarine that knows virtually no limits in undersea operations.

The modular design and high degree of automation make the HDW Class 214 submarine a very cost-effective weapon system that is extremely difficult to detect. That makes it an unbeatable solution for future-orientated navies. Much of the input data for this submarine was gained from analyzing modern naval warfare scenarios and current submarine operations. As a result, the outstanding features of this single-hull, one-compartment submarine are its increased underwater endurance and minimal detection risk thanks to air-independent propulsion based on the proven HDW fuel cell. Increased diving depths and a modular weapon and sensor mix make it well equipped to undertake a wide scope of missions ranging from littoral water operations to ocean-going patrols and including anti-surface ship and anti-submarine operations, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks, and special forces operations. Other highlights include its low-revolution, permanently excited PERMASYN® motor for maximum speed without transient switching noises, optimized signature management, sonar development within the ISUS 90 for increased low-frequency detection ranges (flank array), large weapon payload for a mix of torpedoes, missiles and mines, and integrated torpedo countermeasures (TCM) system.

Technical Data 

LOA ~ 65 m
Pressure hull ~ 6,3 m
Surface displ. ~ 1.700 t
Height incl. sail ~ 13 m
Weapon tubes 8
Crew 27
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