HDW Class 214

On the basis of the proven design principles of the HDW Class 209 family with
additional incorporation of innovative features of HDW Class 212A,
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems developed the HDW Class 214 submarine.

It is well equipped to undertake a wide scope of missions ranging from operations in littoral waters to ocean-going patrols. The modular weapon and sensor mix, in combination with the submarine's air-independent features, makes the HDW Class 214 predestined for

  • anti-surface ship and anti-submarine operations
  • intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks
  • Special Forces operations.

Much of the input data for this new concept result from analysing modern naval warfare scenarios as well as information granted by friendly submarine flotillas.

The HDW Class 214 design is characterised by the following features:

  • increased underwater endurance and low detection risk using the proven Fuel Cell system for air-independent propulsion
  • increased diving depth
  • low revolution, permanently excited PERMASYN® motor for maximum speed without transient switching noises
  • optimised signature management
  • sonar development within the ISUS 90 for increased low-frequency detection ranges (flank array)
  • large weapon payload for a mix of torpedoes, missiles and mines
  • integration of Torpedo Countermeasures (TCM) system.

Thanks to its modular design and high degree of automation, this submarine is a very cost-effective weapon system, extremely difficult to detect and thus the unbeatable solution for future-orientated navies.

Technical Data 

LOA ~ 65 m
Pressure hull ~ 6,3 m
Surface displ. ~ 1.700 t
Height incl. sail ~ 13 m
Weapon tubes 8
Crew 27