HDW Class 209/1400mod – a legend of the seas

The HDW Class 209/1400mod submarine is the most recent version of this legendary family of 63 boats contracted to 14 navies.

Like all its predecessors, HDW Class 209/1400mod is a compact and reliable submarine featuring the most recent technology, high combat strength, an extraordinary battery payload and low signatures. Its extensive mission profiles include maritime defense, conflict prevention, surveillance and intelligence-gathering tasks as well as special forces operations. Thanks to the large number of orders for this class of submarine every new contract has profited from the latest R&D findings, with tried-and-tested improvements incorporated into the next project without delay.

Technical Data

LOA ~ 62 m
Pressure hull ø ~ 6.2 m
Surface displ. ~ 1,450 t
Height incl. sail ~ 12.5 m
Weapon tubes             8
Crew 30
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