Torpedo Countermeasures (TCM)

Torpedo Countermeasure (TCM) systems by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems: ready for any application

Beside the traditional roles of non-nuclear submarines in terms of anti-surface and anti-submarine operations, modern naval requirements show an increasing trend to stipulate active torpedo defence.

Manifold choices

Thus various types of TCM launchers and its decoys or effectors with different diameters and function principles have been successfully integrated by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (Business Unit HDW). The most complex system is fully integrated into the submarine command and weapon control system, which subsequently ensures automatic launch of the effectors.

Alternatively stand-alone solutions are available, where the TCM effectors are released manually.

Of course swing-out containers or fixed rack installations are possible; the fixed arrangement is marketed under the name MELS (Modular Effector Launching System). The launcher arrangement can be clustered in scalable container units, ranging from single to ten tubes.

The launching tubes benefit from the non-pyrotechnic thrust piston system which ensures rapid and reliable reaction without releasing tell-tale gas bubbles.

In use with several partner navies

Within the last decade a broad variety of TCM solutions by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems made their way into the submarine flotillas of several NATO and non-NATO allies. They are either in successful service or under production for customers of the renowned HDW Class 209 and Class 214 submarine families as well as further tailor-made submarine platforms.

Naturally TCM systems can be integrated onboard of new submarines or installed as part of refit programs of existing platforms.