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7th international submarine conference SubCon2019 great success


"one family. world wide. deep down." was the motto of the 7th International Submarine Conference SubCon 2019, which took place from 3 to 5 September 2019 under the patronage of Norbert Brackmann, member of the Bundestag and Maritime Coordinator of the Federal Government of Germany. The three-day conference hosted by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems served as an exchange about innovations, their applications and
experiences in the use of submarines between navies and industry from around the world.

Dr. Rolf Wirtz, CEO of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems: "The conference was a great success:
the fantastic exchange between the participating navies from all over the world and in addition with the manufacturers about the requirements on hardware and software is an incomparable added value of the SubCon – for all its participants. Moreover, I am particularly proud that we introduced the new Combat System for our submarines named ORCCA. What we have accomplished there in 1.5 years is clear proof of our strength as a system house."

The Combat System, developed by the thyssenkrupp-Kongsberg Joint Venture, kta naval systems, is currently the most modern system for non-nuclear submarines on the market due to the combination of maximum adaptability and highest IT security.

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems' new developments in the field of fuel cell, lithium-ion battery, additive manufacturing, cyber security and the use of virtual/augmented reality to support customers in the maintenance of boats at their own shipyards were presented at the conference.

The program also included expert lectures by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and its industrial partners on, among other things, submarine designs, modernization and maintenance, propulsion technology, sonar and communication systems, stealth, torpedo developments and digitization.

The SubCon, organized by thyssenKrupp Marine Systems, has been held every four years since 1995 in Kiel, Germany. This year, over 350 guests from Germany and abroad participated, including representatives from 20 marines and procurement agencies.

About thyssenkrupp Marine Systems
With around 6,000 employees, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is one of the world's leading marine
companies and a systems provider in submarine and surface shipbuilding as well as maritime
electronics and security technology. Over 180 years of history and the constant pursuit of
improvements are the basis for the company's success in constantly setting new standards.
thyssenkrupp Marine Systems offers customized solutions for highly complex challenges in a
changing world. The driving forces behind this are the employees of the company, who shape the
future of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems with passion and commitment every day.
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Bildunterschrift: v.l.n.r.: Dr. Rolf Wirtz (CEO thyssenkrupp Marine Systems), Dr. Bernd Buchholz (Minister für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Arbeit, Technologie und Tourismus des Landes Schleswig-Holstein) und Norbert Brackmann (Mitglied des Bundestages und Koordinator der Bundesregierung für die maritime Wirtschaft), eröffneten am 03. September die SubCon 2019.

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Bildunterschrift: Dr. Rolf Wirtz (CEO thyssenkrupp Marine Systems) während seiner Eröffnungsrede. 

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Bildunterschrift: Norbert Brackmann (Mitglied des Bundestages und Koordinator der Bundesregierung für die maritime Wirtschaft), Schirmherr der SubCon 2019. 

Icon Minister_Bernd_Buchholz.JPG
Dr. Bernd Buchholz (Minister für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Arbeit, Technologie und Tourismus des Landes Schleswig-Holstein), während seiner Grußworte an die rund 300 anwensenden Gäste. 

Icon ISPK_Dr_Sebastian_Bruns.JPG
Dr. Sebastian Bruns (Leiter der Abteilung Maritime Strategie und Sicherheit am ISPK gGmbH). 

Icon Admiral_Stricker.JPG
Vizeadmiral a.D. Hans-Joachim Stricker moderierte die Podiumsdiskussion.

Icon Admiral_Reinecke.JPG
Flottillenadmiral Ulrich Reineke, Abteilungsleiter Planung im Marinekommando in Rostock.



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