IDAS Missile System – ultra-precise in defense and attack

The innovative Interactive Defense and Attack System for Submarines (IDAS) is a multi-purpose weapon system that equips submarines for both defensive and target-engaging operations.

Primarily conceived as a means of self-defense for submarines against ASW helicopters, IDAS has been developed further into a multi-purpose weapon system that enables a submerged cruising submarine to engage airborne, surface and coastal targets with a high degree of precision. Within the IDAS Consortium Diehl BGT Defense manufactures the missile and fiber-optic system while thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is responsible for the launching container and integrating the system into the submarine. IDAS is uniquely capable of being linked to the submarine's combat operations center via a fiber-optic cable link during the entire duration of the mission. Its imaging IR seeker continuously transmits images to the operator's console via the fiber-optic link. As the operator can follow the missile's flight visually, he can (if required) change the target or choose a different point of impact. The missile's extreme precision enables a relatively small warhead to achieve the desired effect, thus avoiding collateral damage in a way that is impossible with torpedoes or heavyweight missiles. This missile system further expands a submarine's ability to react flexibly to a wide range of situations.

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