MEKO® A-100 Corvette - compact versatility

A compact 'smaller sister' of the successful MEKO® A-200 Frigate, the MEKO® A-100 Corvette packs the 4-dimensional warfare weapons, sensors, C³I and BCW fit of a light frigate-sized vessel into less than 2,500 tons.

The ship has reduced signatures, particularly reduced RCS and infrared. With the funnel deleted, all combustion machinery exhausts horizontally through the shell and either on or below the waterline in line with the respective threat. The fast mono-hull incorporates a forefoot skeg and excellent flow-lines with the very good beam, active fin stabilizers, and a raised buoyant fore-ship. These design features provide sustained blue-water sea-keeping operations, allowing helicopter and boat operations in sea state 6. The robust two-shaft CPP CODAD propulsion arrangement gives a top speed in excess of 28 knots, but also very economical running on a single diesel at up to 19 knots.

Technical Data

Main dimensions

Length over all 98.0 m
Beam max. 14.4 m
Displacement (approx.) 2,400 t
Speed 28 kn
Range 4,500 nm/14 kn

Propulsion plant

CODAD (COmbined Diesel And Diesel)     
CPPs 2
Diesels 4


Crew 78
Supernumerary 22


10 t 1 or 2 
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