thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Executive Board:

Oliver Burkhard

"We think about making the future available today, in order to shape it together with our customers.“

Paul Glaser

"Our passion to perform is what drives us on all levels, leading to competitive advantages, which we use to foster profitable, sustainable and long-term growth.”

Bernd Hartmann

"We are not only technological Market leader in naval shipbuilding, but also one of the most attractive employers in Northern Germany.“

Dr. Dirk Steinbrink

Our mission: becoming the most modern naval company in Europe

We consistently work to optimize the basis of our key strengths: shipyard and shipbuilding and further drive innovation to create the future of naval technology. 

Did you know? We are the only German systems provider for submarines, surface ships, and maritime electronics. In our digital shipyard customers can experience our roots, tradition and craftsmanship of shipbuilding that come together with state-of-the-art technology.

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