HDW Class 216

HDW Class 216 Submarine is a long-range multi-mission two-deck fuel cell submarine with exceptional endurance.

It features two pressure-tight compartments, high crew comfort levels and an extremely flexible payload for weapons and mission-orientated exchangeable equipment enhanced by the innovative Vertical Multi-Purpose Lock (VMPL).

  • PERMASYN® propulsion technology
  • Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Composite propeller
  • High, proven automation level
  • Compact sail
  • HABETaS® rescue system

The modular weapon and sensor mix, in combination with the submarine's air-independent features, makes the HDW Class 216 predestined for

  • Anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare
  • ISTAR - Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance
  • Land attack capability
  • Special Forces operations
  • Deployment of unmanned vehicles
  • Mine operations and mine reconnaissance.

Technical Data

LOA ~ 90 m
Pressure hull ø

~ 8.1 m

Surface displ.

~ 4,000 t

Weapon tubes