HDW Class 210mod

Based on the layout of the ULA Class submarines designed and built for the Norwegian Navy, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems has developed the submarine designated HDW Class 210mod, an advanced, compact diesel-electric submarine to carry out domestic and international missions and tasks.

The design for HDW Class 210mod benefits from established features and systems which have already been successfully incorporated in other submarines such as HDW Classes 209/1400mod, 212A and 214. The combination of the compact ULA Class design with the latest proven platform, weapon and communication technology provides for high availability and reliable operational readiness of HDW Class 210mod. Besides, its relatively small size with a surface displacement of only approx. 1,150 t makes the boat especially suited for a wide scope of missions in littoral as well as blue water areas.

The most significant characteristics comprise:

  • Most modern propulsion engine technology (incl. PERMASYN® motor)
  • Proven automation concept
  • Excellent manoeuvrability thanks to X-rudder configuration
  • Advanced combat management system
  • Powerful weapon set allowing for robust intervention and Special Forces capability
  • Compact sail housing the snorkel, the periscope as well as the radar and communication masts
  • Well balanced signature management

Thanks to the outstanding interconnection of these features, HDW Class 210mod serves as a versatile multi-mission platform. It is not only capable of operating as an autonomous unit for collecting information and conducting surveillance, observation and reconnaissance tasks but also perfectly qualified to carry out interventions against hostile surface vessels and anti-submarine operations.

Technical Data

LOA ~ 58.5 m
Pressure hull ø ~ 5.5 m
Surface displ.

~ 1,150 t

Height incl. sail ~ 11 m
Weapon tubes 4
Crew (2 watches) or 15
Crew (3 watches) 21