Frigate Class 125

The Frigate Class 125 has been specially designed to meet the needs of today's conflict situations, and in particular for sustained, distant and intensive-use littoral operations in stabilization missions for crisis regions.

The ship has enhanced command and control, boat, helicopter and shore bombardment capabilities to support amphibious operations by special forces. Four large and fast RHIBs, two large helicopters and two 20ft mission containers can be embarked to support up to 50 special forces personnel. The ship has palletized cargo routes for efficient replenishment and rapid operational disembarkation. Incorporating all of the tough survivability features of its predecessors, the Frigate Class 125 introduces the two-island concept, where critical C3I, sensors and effectors are split between separated superstructure islands forward and aft, allowing the ship to continue fighting even when severely damaged. As a world-first in frigate logistics support, the Frigate Class 125 design and logistics engineering concept has been specially tailored to enable the ship to remain on station in a distant theatre of operations for up to two years without base or dockyard maintenance with only the crew being rotated.

Technical Data

Main dimensions

Length o.a. 149.0 m
Beam max. 18.8 m
Draught 5.0 m
Displacement (approx.) 7,100 t
Speed 26 kn
Range 4,000 nm/18 kn

Propulsion plant

Diesels MTU 20 V 4000 4
Propulsion Electric Motors 2
Gas Turbine GE LM 2500 1


Crew 120
Supernumerary 70
(Helicopter/Special Forces) 


MH 90  2


11 m RHIBS 4
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