Cyber Security Questionaire

Cyber Security

Cybercrime is a worldwide phenomenon that does not stop at national borders or at closed doors. It can take place wherever people use computers, smartphones and other IT devices - in companies, government agencies, universities, at home and on the move. That's why we also protect our data and check how our suppliers implement these requirements. Therefore we kindly ask to complete these questionaire.

Questions marked with an asterisk are mandatory


If no then:
a. Does the administrative interface require second factor authentication or is access limited to a specific address?

Secure configuration

Access control

a. How to avoid choosing obvious passwords (such as those based on easily-discoverable information).
b. Not to choose common passwords (use of technical means, using a password blacklist recommended).
c. No password reuse.
d. Where and how they may record passwords to store and retrieve them securely.
e. If password management software is allowed, if so, which.
f. Which passwords they really must memorise and not record anywhere.

Malware protection (Please take care which questions you have to answer)

Patch Management

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