Corvette Class 130

These five compact corvettes have proved a valuable asset for the German Navy.

Built for the main tasks of surface surveillance, reconnaissance, surface target engagement, humanitarian missions, countering asymmetric threats, and operating mainly in the littorals, this corvette platform features an X-shaped, RCS-reducing hull with significant IR suppression measures with no funnels and hot spots, and sea-water injection in horizontal exhaust ducts complemented by a sophisticated Integrated Monitoring and Control System (IMCS) with over 7,000 measuring points. These corvettes have spacious landing decks for a 12-ton helicopter and hangars for two drones (UAVs). Together with state-of-the-art integrated onboard networks (combat management system, communication and navigation qualifying the vessel for joint operations) the corvettes have incorporated major MEKO® design principles and have proved a valuable asset for the German Navy.

Technical Data

Main dimensions

Length o.a. 89.12 m
Beam max. 12.44 m
Draught 3.40 m
Displacement (approx.) 1,840 t
Speed max. 26 knots
Range 4,000 nm/15 knots

Propulsion plant

Diesel Engines 2


berths 65


76mm multipurpose gun 1
27mm automatic guns 2
RAM launchers 2
BS15 missiles 4
MASS flare decoy launchers        2


MIRADOR electro-optical sensors 2
TRS-3D radar 1
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