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Supplier Self Disclosure_Atlas

Submitting this questionnaire completes the first step in the thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and ATLAS Elektronik supplier qualification process. The data collected with this questionnaire is used exclusively within the thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH and ATLAS Elektronik GmbH procurement organisation and ist relevant interfacing departments
(e.g. Engineering, Production, Quality).

Questions marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

To qualify as a supplier of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems or ATLAS Elektronik it is necessary to agree to the thyssenkrupp Supplier Code of Conduct. Please download the Supplier Code of Conduct and attach a scan of the signed supplier declaration to the questionnaire prior to submit your response.

To guarantee a central database, we kindly ask companies that have already sent the SCoC to thyssenkrupp Marine Systems or ATLAS Elektronik to upload the SCoC again. Please excuse the additional effort.
1. General Information
1.1 Address, Contacts, Main Data
1.2 Principal Point of Contact
1.3 Integration
1.4 Key sales locations
1.5 Customer Reference List and Organisation Chart
1.6 Subsidiaries
2. Finance Data
2.1 Corporate Capital
2.2 Key financial figures
2.3 Company apply
2.4 Turnover structure
2.5 Key customers according to turnover (previous FY)
2.6 Maintain business relationships
2.7 Access to government grants
2.8 Control and profit transfer agreement
2.9 Cost Structure
3. Products and Production
3.1 Market share (previous FY)
3.2 Product licenses
3.3 Cooperation agreements
3.4 Employee Structure
3.5 Production plants or service locations
3.6 Manufacturing Capacity
3.7 Methods of production
3.8 Production processes
4. Technology
4.1 How is/are your core technology(-ies) currently defined?
4.2 In the future, how will your core Technology(-ies) be defined?
4.3 Trainings on your technologies
5. Quality
5.1 Certified quality management system
5.2 Other certificate standards
5.3 Quality assurance agreements
5.4 Quality assurance agreements with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems or ATLAS Elektronik
5.5 Type of guarantee
5.6 Quality assurance agreements with your suppliers
5.7 Statistic Process Control (SPC) methods
5.8 After-sales services for your products
5.9 8D reporting
5.10 Audited by one of our employees
5.11 Nadcap certified
Nadcap means National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, for aerospace engineering, defense and related industries.
7. Environmental and Health & Safety Management
7.1 Certified environmental management system (EMS)
7.2 Certified energy management system (EnMS)
7.3 Certified health & safety management system (HSMS)
8. Miscellaneous
8.1 Development Potentials
8.2 Subsafe
Subsafe is a quality assurance program designed to maintain the safety of a submarine in the entire lifecycle; specifically, to provide maximum reasonable assurance that the submarine hull stays watertight.
8.3 System Safety
8.4 IT-Security
8.5 SEC Conflict Mineral Rule
8.6 Expierence with Offset
8.7 German foreign trade law (AWG)
8.8 "Geheimschutzbetreut" secret protection

Once you have entered all required data and filled out all mandatory questions (*), you will be able to send the form. If your form was sent successfully, you will be notified via this page. Please note, that you will not receive an email confirmation. 

If the message "Form successfully sent" was not displayed for you, please check all your answers and try again. Otherwise, your entered data was not saved.